While “history is written by the winners”, it is also true that we must document our own history. Change begins with us.

There isn’t one resource any of us can go to for information about the many union leaders from Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) communities. So I created one while doing research in 2014. It was a paltry effort, but I owe many thanks to the people who suggested names of these amazing and inspiring people.

This site is to collect information about BIPOC leaders in the trade union movement. most of whom have not been widely documented. Oftentimes, leadership is interpreted in terms of how loudly a person shouts. Many in the BIPOC communities have different leadership styles which are not acknowledged in the broader labour movement. WE must change that.

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This is a community and collaborative effort. We need YOU to contribute to make this site useful to all of us. it will take all of us to keep this resource alive and vibrant.

Thanks in advance!
Frank Saptel