We created Buzzard Press to escape the nepotistic poetry scene. At least that’s what we saw 33 years ago.

We see no reason not to stay independent of the commercial press world. We wanted to continue publishing, so unpublished poets could have a publishing credit and be able to apply for grants and other prizes so they could continue their writing.

It seemed to us that you had to know someone who knew someone in order to be published. We wanted to change that.

Buzzard Press first came into existence in 1983 in Montreal. It was started in order to be the imprint for a book of poetry by two previously unpublished poets: Michael Woloschuk and Bonaventure Saptel. Their collaboration was called “And/Or” and was produced in a limited quantity of 250 copies. The book is currently out-of-print.

Buzzard Press was named to counterpoint the mellifluous-sounding press names familiar to all: Penguin, Puffin, Arcade, Pecan Grove and many more. The list of publishing houses has waxed and waned, but with the rise of digital technology, has also grown exponentially (see here), albeit in different ways.

In 1998. Bonaventure Saptel published his second book of poetry entitle “Dying by Pieces and other Rituals” which was also published using the Buzzard Press imprint. 350 copies were printed with most of them being sold. The book is out of print.

In 2016, Saptel saw another opportunity to publish a young poet, as well as finally release his third book of poetry. What you see before you is the product of that opportunity.

Although we have been around for many years, this is our first real attempt at going public. You can help by sharing, liking, linking and tweeting or retweeting. Thanks for visiting.

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